img2Integral part of sanctuary in Hodyszewo is a extraordinary place commonly called "Krynica" ( Source ). According to tradition, exactly in that place appeared miraculous icon of the Mother of God and also in this place, to the present day flows out source and many pilgrims experience acts of graces.

The very word " krynica" means a natural water source, source, spring or stream. We can also find the usual meaning of the word as a place of origin. Also attributed to the Blessed Mother title: "Source all graces".

"Krynica" is a place located just outside a small copse. Mary has chosen exactly that area to listen to the prayers of her children. The source that would flow out to" Krynica" is related to the the appearance of the icon of the Mother of God. Probably it here , on one of the trees was placed Mary's image. For a time the painting was protected from adverse weather conditions inside the form of a small chapel box.

As a result, increasing numbers of pilgrims was built a small chapel, which could accommodate several praying people. Over time, the image was moved to the church in Hodyszewo. However, "Krynica " as manifestation of the Mother of God place has not lost its sacred significance. The source area once belonged to a private person, but never had any problems with the access to the source, which was timbering and create a small well. In the second half of the nineteenth century, when built a new brick church in Hodyszewo , from demolished wooden after Uniate Church temple was built a small church on "Krynica" . In the 20s of the last century it has undergone a complete refurbishment: "Housing existing well, so that it was in the nave of the temple". During the fighting in World War II, 1944. Church was partially destroyed. Pierced the roof, smashed windows, destroyed the altar and the floor. In the years 1952 - 1954 removed the old foundations, giving a new reinforced concrete and stone mosaic Wall in. Repaired walls and roof, set a new altar. The whole area was leveled, created avenues, fenced grounds. Further work was taken in 1977 in connection with the coronation of the image. Laid new floor, replaced windows, roof was covered with sheet metal, it was assumed the pump to the spring, cleared the entrance to the current stream of water "(Rev.. W. Jemielity).

Further renovations began in the 80s also arises so-called "rose garden", which indicates the Rosary chapel. Prior to the 30th anniversary of the coronation of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Reconciliation at "Krynica" held further renovations, installed five new chapels with the mysteries of the rosary light , garden extended and planted new shrubs and trees. The whole area has been fenced.

Today "Krynica" took beautiful appearance and attracts many pilgrims who are looking for peace and quiet conversation with God during the summer mass and prayer ceremonies