img1Renowned for its grace, the image of Our Lady called " Hodyszewską " was painted oil technique on three joined boards with dimensions of 96.8 x 82.5 cm
It was presented to Mary, the figure is slightly turned to the right. On her left hand rests Jesus some facing to the Mother, who in his left hand holds a closed book, while the right rises in blessing. The fingers of both bare feet of Christ, arranged side by side and directed perpendicular to the bottom of the image, are visible from the robes. Mother and Son lean slightly towards each other. Bright light skins form highlights the cheeks pinking. Mary's gaze is directed straight to looking at her faithful. Oval face of Christ is surrounded by dark hair covering the ears. Jesus in the picture has a high forehead, long, straight nose, dark eyes, whose gaze is straight ahead, and a small mouth. This all lends his facial expressions nobility and gentle sadness. Both characters wear high crowns, with an open crown of Jesus crowned with Greek cross. Note the shade of skin - clear and cold, with a mild reddening of the cheeks, calculated differently than the Saints of images generated in the circle of the Byzantine tradition. The work is dated c. 1630.

The whole image covers made of gilded wood dress, revealing only their faces and hands and feet of Jesus form. For unknown author recreated dress robes Mother and Son, decorated with tendrils and flowers ornament. To 1977. Picture - outside faces, hands and feet of Christ - hid votives, attached directly to the dresses. They were removed during the time of maintenance. The image of the papal crown was imposed in 1980.